Conel, GET Nord Hamburg

Kunde Conel
Messe GET Nord Hamburg
Fläche 156m²

Projekt teilen


As the only manufacturer of installation technology, Conel covers the entire house, from the entrance to secure disposal variations. In close cooperation with the specialized craftsmen, Conel has developed a complete range of installation technology – from drinking water treatment to dowels. Challenges, ideas and desires of the specialized craftsmen flow into all products. The know how behind the walls and confirmed by the German Design Award „Conel, is the installer’s best friend“.


Visual representation of a house according to the motto „everything under one roof“ and attention-grabbing remote effect.


We have installed an elaborate roof impression with diagonal graphics to be able to be recognized from a distance. In coordination with the roof lines, texts were placed harmoniously on the outside and inside. The topic „house“ is continually centralized with a clever staging of the individual product groups. The open spaces offer the opportunity for intensive discussions.