Messe SHK Essen
Fläche 150m²

Projekt teilen


COSMO offers under the motto „Good Climate – better living“ a complete assortment for heating, air-conditioning and ventilation. This includes the latest solar technology, efficient water heaters, innovative air conditioners and much more. As a strong brand identity, COSMO stands for trend-setting products and services and provides an environmentally friendly, healthy indoor climate in living and commercial buildings. COSMO creates a sense of well-being and security in your home with technically perfect solutions and simple operation. User-friendly, environmentally conscious, trend-setting, responsible, reliable – that is the motto that COSMO easily fulfils with its extensive product range.


The focus is on technically perfect solutions that are easy to operate and offer a sense of well-being and security in the home. Userfriendly, environmentally conscious, trend-setting, responsible, reliable – this is the motto with which COSMO presents its extensive product range.


The Cosmo core areas will be distributed over four modern islands. Via touch pads the products can be centrally controlled, experienced and functionally displayed. This is supported by attention-grabbing LED walls leading to the corridors. Fabric is used to project a special WOW effect so that it can be easily recognized from a distance.